The Relevance of VHF Marine Radios

Fishing and surfing are common pastime and economic activities for most people out there. If you do this frequently, then you understand the importance of a VHF marine radio. It’s always difficult to make calls using your phone in deep-sea territories due to network challenges.

You should, therefore, use a VHF marine radio to communicate with different people. Look for the best handheld marine radio that will ensure you have smooth communication with different people during your surfing activities. Various review guides can help you pick the best VHF marine radio. There are several benefits you will get from using a VHF marine radio during your surfing activities.

What Are the Main Advantages and Uses of VHF Marine Radios?

handheld marine radioContemporary ships carry cell phones. Why is a VHF marine radio essential? This is because cell phones are useful but have limitations in ocean waters that VHF radios are purposely made to deal with. Here’s a quick look at the benefits and uses.

Limitations of the Mobile Network Area

The initial limitation of mobile phones is that they do not work ubiquitously, particularly at sea. Once you are a few miles from shore, the chances of getting a fine cellular signal are minimal. Lacking a cellular signal, you will not be in contact with other vessels or emergency response teams. Getting a mobile phone will not help in an emergency situation or for a casual conversation with a different ship where a VHF marine radio will help.

Weather Alerts

You could check the weather alerts on your VHF marine radio but not on a mobile phone as the cellular signal is unlikely to work at sea. So, you observe the weather situation quickly with this device.

Emergency Situations

VHF marine radioIf the emergency occurs extremely far offshore, you have a VHF marine radio to transmit a call. You can send a call to rescuers. It will be immediate because it will automatically transmit the GPS information for the responders to find your boat. Best of all, if there is a person on the rail, you get help immediately. In addition, they are resistant to water. They transmit information about your location. Also, your unit might have DSC for stronger transmission.


When sailing, you can carry a handheld VHF radio on the boat. If caught in a storm, rain, or flood, your boat could lose power, and the mechanics would fail. Therefore, the portable handheld option would work.

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