Things to Know About a Sneaker Bot

Have you tried the sneaker game? If you have tried it, then you might have heard about automation software or bots. So, what is a sneaker bot? According to tidal market, it is an automated software application that helps to complete the online checkout process. With the bot, you can make several purchases through sneaker proxies. Thus, if you want to make money selling shoes, then you need to rent a bot.

How Does It Work?

sneaker botIf you are not sure how a bot works, then you need to consider the perspective of the retailer. Whenever you set it up, then your shopping experience can be smooth and flawless. That is because the bot whizzes through the process by putting different items in the cart and filling in the details. Although the process is quite useful to retailers, it is a gift to a reseller. The truth is that a sneaker bot can carry out the entire shopping undetected.

Are Bots Legal?

The truth is that the entire bot shopping experience is quite transparent. These bots are made by professionals and are sold openly. The bot creators have their advertisements and websites with prices listed. You only need to ensure the transaction is fair.

Finding the Right Sneaker Bot

It is difficult to determine the best sneaker bot. That is because it needs what you are looking for. For instance, if the brand does not matter, then you should look for the all-in-one bot. However, if the sole is the most important for you, then you should get a sole bot. Most bots can be used on a range of websites and brands such as Adidas, Nike, Frenzy, Supreme, and more. If you want a given brand, then you should get a brand-specific bot.

Before you rent or purchase a bot, it is advisable to read user reviews to get an idea of how it works. Moreover, you get to understand the bot from real-life experiences.


sneakersYou should note that sneaker bots are available in a range of prices. In fact, prices range from $20 to $500. In most cases, the cheaper bots are browser extensions, whereas the expensive ones are software applications you need to download and install. When you have an idea of what the sneaker bot does, you can rent one. Also, keep checking for the latest versions. Remember that some are best suited for certain brands and shopping stores.

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