Reasons to Start a Podcast

Reasons to Start a Podcast

While people love reading blog posts and other online materials, it is sometimes difficult to read, let say when you are driving or doing some work. Podcasts fill that gap that is left by the inability to read due to circumstances. You can listen to a book on a podcast or any other subject of interest and get the knowledge without interrupting other things. You could even be relaxing in bed or on your couch and listening to some great content on a podcast.

For these reasons, spoken words broadcasted through some channels are a very convenient way of learning or getting entertainment. If you are a podcaster or a fan of podcasts, you can visit Podcast Pursuit to find a lot of information on podcasting, like best podcast hosting sites, how to start a podcast, and so on.

Here are some of the reasons people start podcasts:

To Showcase Their Speaking Skills

to build a speaking careerMany people have established careers as speakers and have perfected their speaking skills to command high rates in their areas of specialization. If you are interested in a speaking career or hone your talent, you need to have a podcast besides a YouTube channel. You can use the two as your portfolio when seeking speaking gigs or grow your brand. If you have no recorded speaking show or a video channel, you cannot be taken seriously as a speaker, and it may be hard to land good deals.

To Start Easily and With Minimal Cost

easy and cheap to startIt is much easier to start a podcast than to create a video. You only need to identify your topic to niche and record yourself as you speak about it. Recording needs podcast software to minimize noise and enhance the quality of the audio. It is also much easier to edit audio than videos, and there are tools to help you do this.

The costs involved are also so low than you would need for video production. Your smartphone can be good enough to start and use an app to clean up the audio. As you become well-established, you can set up a better-equipped studio.

To Increase Content Accessibility

Many people have started blogs and have written several books or short stories. Because of the busy schedules, many people don’t get time to sit down to read the written materials. This leads to so many materials not getting the exposure they should get and maybe make some bucks for their creators. Fortunately, most bloggers and other content creators are going the extra mile to produce videos and audios of their works, including books, blog posts, and other content. Podcasts are, therefore, an excellent way to repackage the content and make it more accessible.…

Understanding a VPN and its Importance

Understanding a VPN and its Importance

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool you can use to enhance your internet security, give you anonymity and privacy while connected to the internet. It helps cover up your IP address in such a way that whatever activity you conduct online is untraceable.

VPNs are excellent tools for establishing internet connections that are secure even when you are browsing on the public internet. They create encrypted channels that allow data sharing without the data being subjected to external threats.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

One of the greatest inventions in this world is the internet. It has helped streamline a lot of activities that, in the past, were difficult to execute. However, even the best things do also have their downsides. Today we search for information online and even conduct financial transactions using online payment systems. This however, does not guarantee the security of your private information as you do not know whether someone is snooping.

Using a VPN can help keep this kind of data safe. VPN services encrypt all your online activities, making it hard for any unauthorized person to access your private information. Doing financial transactions online on a public network without VPN can transmit your financial data to online fraudsters.

How Does a VPN Help Protect the Privacy and Your IP Address?

a vpn on a tabletIP address and privacy protection are some of the top functions provided by a VPN service, but you can be left wondering how this works. A VPN allows you to browse from your local network, but you can set it to show you are in a different place thousands of miles away. You can use a VPN to access online information restricted in your country.

VPNs help protect your privacy by using top-notch encryptions, which are unreadable. They come in handy when offering data security, mostly if you regularly browse on a public network. Additionally, anyone can look into your entire browsing history, but if you want to keep that a secret, then you can use a VPN.

Do I Need to Install a VPN on My Phone?

Yes, you need to. Most of your personal information is in your smartphone, and to make sure that it does not fall into the wrong hands, you better use a VPN. Your phone contains your email data, social media profiles and passwords, browsing history, and even financial data that unwanted people can easily access when using a public network. Having a VPN on your phone does not only protect your data but also hide your IP address.…

How to Pick a Kick Scooter for Adults

How to Pick a Kick Scooter for Adults

Before choosing a kick scooter, there are several aspects you ought to consider. Most people purchase adult scooters for the daily commute or for leisure. Based on these two purposes, you need to look at different aspects to find one that suits your needs. For instance, you have to consider how easy it is to carry around and how fast it can glide. You will also need to determine how comfortable it can be to push around and how much vibration it can transmit. These are some of the things to consider.

Wheel Size

The wheel size is an important feature to look for in a scooter. In fact, most kick scooters have plastic wheels. You should note that PU is an important material for scooters used in urban surfaces. That explains why you will find such type of wheels on the skateboard, roller-skate, and inline-skate. These types of wheels are light and wear-resistant.

Bearing Quality and Rating

Adult scooter wheels have the same type of bearings as those used in inline skate and skateboard wheels. Every kick scooter wheel features two bearings mounted at the center of every wheel. Ensure you look at the recommended rating of bearings. For instance, you will discover that most scooter wheels have bearings rated as ABEC 5 to 7. Remember that not all bearings are made equal. In this case, the higher the rating, the better performance they can offer.

Deck Size

Ideally, the deck is proportional to the wheel size. Therefore, if the wheels are large, then the deck will equally be large. It is advisable to get a large deck as it is easier to step on the scooter. Also, you will find it to be more comfortable as you can easily shift the weight and change the foot position. Having a large deck will result in a longer wheelbase. Every time you push a scooter, it will result in a smooth movement.

Suspension System

In this case, the suspension system refers to the shock absorption mechanism. In most cases, the scooters are spring-based, and it can be installed at either the rear front of a kick scooter. The suspension is a great feature if you want to participate in sporting competitions. Ensure you get a high-quality suspension system to ensure you are comfortable on uneven or rough surfaces. However, some suspension systems can add a lot of weight to the scooter, making it heavier to carry around. Also, you will need to replace it on a routine basis.…

What Is COMINT, and Why You Should Be Bothered with It

What Is COMINT, and Why You Should Be Bothered with It

COMINT stands for Communications Intelligence. Nonexperts will often use COMINT and SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) interchangeably, but they are actually two different things. SIGINT is the umbrella discipline for signal interceptions, meaning that it covers communications between human individuals or parties, machines, or a combination of those three. Only cryptanalysts and intelligence officers are adept at using COMINT devices. However, there are reasons why regular citizens are supposed to know about COMINT as well. 

The Threat of Electronic Warfare

a military droneWarfare is no longer between countries these days, but also among businesses. Anyone with the right gadgets and knowledge can incite an electronic attack, signal decoder. And just like that, your company’s secrets may be in danger. 

Furthermore, the core of modern electronic warfare is to take advantage of the opponent’s communication system. And although the Internet has become one with us in our daily life, the radio signal is still the most reliable Electromagnetic spectrum to either transmit or receive messages. In fact, modern war technologies like drones and unmanned vehicles rely heavily on the radio wave. 

If you live in a warring region, intercepting hostile signals can be a matter of life and death. You can know that there will be an attack hours before it happens if you can get through the offensive party’s encrypted radio messages. 

The Cores of COMINT

radio officersCOMINT aims at identifying seven details of a signal:

  1. The communicating parties
  2. The location of the communicating parties
  3. The identification of the transmitter
  4. The timing of the communication
  5. The frequencies of the communication
  6. The encryption of the signals, and whether it can be decoded or not. 

Therefore, if you are a cryptography enthusiast, you can buy a radio decoder yourself and try to intercept any ongoing signals on the air. During World War II, groups of people with that interest were called as voluntary interceptors. And among them, Bob King was the most famous one because he was only 16 by the time he was recruited to Radio Security Service (RSS), a division of the British Military Intelligence. However, be careful not to violate your local laws as unauthorized reception is considered a crime in some regions. 

A Good Career

If you are interested in cryptography and intelligence after you read the short information above, you should consider becoming a professional. The average income of an intelligence officer with 5-9 years experience is $83,463 per year. Besides, you will also hold one of the most vital positions in the military, the intelligence officer. Without good intelligence, a whole military operation may be doomed to fail. 

4 Presentation Gadgets to Make Your Presentation Flawless

4 Presentation Gadgets to Make Your Presentation Flawless

In this review, I would like to invite you to know more about what presentation tools you must master as a presenter in the modern era like now. This is mandatory because if not you will be unable to compete with your competitors. As you know the presentation has become one of the essential skills in business and professional communication today. That means mastering the presentation tool well as a supporting tool for the success of the presentation is very important.

This is what I will show you. At least there are four presentation tools that you need to master, including:


A book or computer note is a tool for storing presentation files that you will later use to make presentations. Without this one presentation tool, you certainly will not be able to make useful and exciting presentations with presentation slides.

In addition to storing files, you must also be able to optimize this tool for the success of your presentation. You need to make special arrangements on your notebook or computer so that your presentation runs smoothly without interruption from beginning to end. Some important settings that you have to do are screen saver settings, power always on settings, online notification settings, and presenter view settings.

LCD projectors

LCD projectors are presentation tools that you need to prepare and use well to support the success of your presentation. This is a tool used to display slides from a notebook or computer to a screen that can be seen by the audience.

As a presenter, you also need to be able to use the LCD projector properly. In this case, you must be able to know the quality of the projector you are using. One way is to check it before your presentation is done. For example, something unwanted like a picture fades, colors change, or something else, then you still have time to replace it or if it is not possible to replace you still have time to make a few changes.

Remote Presenter or Laser Pointer

Using a remote presenter or laser pointer is essential to make your appearance better and classy. By using a laser pointer you will have complete control over the transfer of the slide presentation, you will be free to move, you can walk in the middle of the audience, even to the back, without having to fear losing control of the powerpoint slide.

That’s why you also need to master the use of remote presentations or laser pointers properly.


A microphone is a presentation tool that serves to help us deliver presentations. Usually, it is used if you are in a large room with a large audience. Although it seems simple, using a microphone correctly also needs to be understood. This is to ensure we can use the microphone effectively to support the success of our presentations.

Speaking of microphones there are two types of microphones that you need to know. First, the microphone that is attached to a tie or collar is also called a lavalier microphone. Second, the microphone is held by hand.

The use of these two tools is different. For the first type, it is more comfortable because we don’t need to hold the microphone. But it must be remembered after the presentation is complete, immediately turn …

Services of Mobile Software Development Companies

Services of Mobile Software Development Companies

Mobile applications have become critical for small, medium, as well as large businesses. Mobile apps enable businesses to expand their reach to customers to leverage growth. However, the process of developing a custom mobile app that fits into the needs of a business can be very challenging. This is why it is vital to hire a skilled mobile software development company that can handle the task efficiently. Among the services provided by mobile app development companies include:

IPad & IPhone Mobile App Development

apple computer

There are several services in the iPad as well as iPhone app development market. Qualified app developers are equipped with the right skills to provide custom apps that add value to customers. They develop, debug, and test all the apps that bring optimal use. Every business deserves an accurate app that delivers impressive work under any technology. Apple offers the best utilities for organizations. With the help of an experienced mobile app development company, a business can quickly adapt to the new features of iOS.

Windows Mobile App Development

Windows phone brings a platform that can be integrated easily with various modern IT solutions. App developers are capable of following the proper agile methodology to create apps that work efficiently in all Windows phones.

Android Application Development

mobile phone

The Android platform opens up an infinite range of opportunities allowing a business to reach a broader market. In fact, most of the Android’s capabilities have been extended by Google. With a company that has experienced designers who can utilize high-end possibilities, a business can reap several benefits through the use of advanced Android app development tools. Most good companies emphasize on development methodologies that meet the expectations of customers.

Social Media Networking

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools that businesses can utilize. With the integration of social media share feature in mobile apps, one can like, comment, or even share. This enables one to get customer feedback as well as discover the type of products that are in demand.

Below are some of the factors to consider when hiring a mobile app development company.

Software Quality

Businesses should choose a mobile app developer based on their technical skills as well as the ability to apply various tools to accelerate the development process. Their quality software metrics can help one determine the quality of software they can expect from the company.

Delivery Process

It is great to hire a developer that follows a well-structured software management methodology. This helps to optimize the app development as well as provide effective collaboration between the vendor as well as the customer.


Communication gap is paramount when designing any mobile app. It makes no sense to hire a company that develops apps with languages that do not match with that of the target customers.


The number of people using mobile devices has increased over the recent past. Therefore, a business that increases their mobile presence through the development of custom mobile apps enjoys higher chances of taking advantage of the opportunities that come with it. The above are the top services offered by mobile software development companies.…

Benefits of Playing Video Games

Benefits of Playing Video Games

Video games have been around since time immemorial. The video games have advanced, challenging, and complex, thanks to the technological advances. This leads us to our question, what are the benefits of playing video games? If you want your child to be an exceptional child in school, then expose her to video games early. This read looks at the benefits of playing video games.

Better professionals

better professionals Playing video games could help in producing and molding better professional thanks to certain games. One advantage of playing video games is that the players develop a particular level of accuracy which they can then carry over to their dream jobs.

Playing video games has been found to have produced better surgeons because such individuals developed better accuracy at the smallest incision thanks to playing the different video games.

Overcoming dyslexia

Playing video games also helps individuals in overcoming certain conditions like dyslexia. Various studies that have been done on dyslexia has shown that players who were involved in games that were associated to have actions drastically improved on their reading and comprehension.

This has been attributed to the fact that some of these games have continually changing environments which requires the players to have an intense focus to succeed.

Improves vision

Playing some of the videos could help in enhancing your vision. One of the misrepresentations of facts when growing up was not sitting too close to the television set because parents believed that this could hurt our vision.

However, no proof on this suggests that indeed our vision could be affected. Recent research has on the contrary shown that playing some of these games in moderation could help the players in differentiating the different shades of color.

Career boost

Certain games encourage specific trait like leadership. Some of the video games that center on securing the safety of certain things and providing for the communities could help in nurturing the leadership skills in you. This could grant you a significant career boost in your place of work since you are likely to exhibit leadership skills.

Social connections

social interactions Many people have always thought that the gamers are too insulated. This is, however, not entirely true since other games are multi-player.

The rise of the multi-player games online has given players a new way of making social connections with players across the universe. Watch the video below for some of the benefits of gaming.

Features of the Best Miter Saw

Features of the Best Miter Saw

For any work to be done efficiently, tools have to be availed in their perfect state. Without which, it would be a lie to say that work is moving on smoothly. If you are working online, you will need a stable internet connection. The same applies when you are into the woodwork. All the necessary tools have to be availed in their best shape. Since the point has been driven home, we shall focus on a specific tool which is the miter saw. Here are some features that will lead you towards the right tool.



Not everyone loves to work in a noisy environment. On the contrary, we are naturally able to work conveniently in a quiet environment. For a miter saw to meet your specific needs, it must be quiet when you turn it on to operate it. Sure it’s a very rare quality, but with time, you can locate it without expecting it. What’s more, it’s easier to find it when you look in all the right places. A noiseless miter saw is the dream of everyone who is passionate about woodwork. This factor will also see to it that your concentration levels are within your control. Work will move smoothly and faster at the same time.


Efficient Controls

How would you like to operate a miter saw whose controls are within your reach? Guess what. This is more than possible. The likes of Bosch GCM12SD DB Glide has this excellent feature and a lot more to look forward to. Imagine the possibility of two controls to switch it on and off in case it gets out of control. This only calls to show that your safety is guaranteed. This make also requires you to study it keenly to avoid making unnecessary and costly mistakes. This doesn’t imply that it is a bit on the complex side for you to understand. On the contrary, you will love every minute of working with it. The manufacturers placed these controls specifically for the reason of convenience. Prepare to enjoy your work all the more.



Having to come up with a new budget for some reason is never easy. This is especially in the case of miter saws. You are better off when you pick a model that won’t easily wear off. The best thing about the durability factor is that it will save you money. With a durable miter saw, you can reach even the most hidden spots that your work requires. It’s a joy to work with a tool that never shows any signs of wear and tear. Worse still, it should deliver perfect results just as it did when it was brand new. The ball is in your court for you to find a genuinely strong tool to work with.



It isn’t possible to go for something that is nowhere in sight. A good miter saw will never leave the market especially when most people are in dire need of it. On the bright side, you will have an easy time trying to locate the one that suits your criteria. Most importantly, choose your shopping site wisely to avoid getting stressed out.…

Important Smartphone Features

Important Smartphone Features

In the modern day, everyone owns a smartphone. Smartphones have made out life easy because we can get everything that we need on our phone. The ability to browse the internet, watch videos and even install mobile applications are some of the main benefits of a smartphone.

Unfortunately, buying a smartphone is not an easy task. You have to take some time and discover the important features that you need for your phone. It is recommended that you buy a phone that will suit your lifestyle well. Here are some of the features that should be your top priority:


A good display is one of the top features that you should consider when buying a smartphone. You should strive to get a phone that has a good display. When it comes to display, you need to look at features like the size of the screen and also the viewing technology.

A screen resolution of 1080p is recommended for good picture quality when watching videos on your phone. Smartphones are entertainment gadgets, and a good display is something that you should never ignore. A screen size of at least 5 inches is good for viewing videos and performing other tasks.


The camera should also be a top priority when buying a smartphone. You need to consider buying a phone that will allow you to take good quality images for personal use and even professional use. When it comes to the camera, consider looking at the megapixel. For photography enthusiast or people who like taking pictures a camera of 16megapixels will do the trick. Also, consider other factors like speed of capturing the images and other features of the camera.


You need to consider the battery power of the camera before holding a smartphoneyou go ahead and buy the smartphone of your choice. The battery power that you choose will depend on the type of user that you are.

The heavy phone users need at least 3500amph for their phones. This kind of power will be able to sustain different activities like using apps, watching videos, taking pictures and even browsing the internet.

Security features

It is important to take time and consider the security features of the phone before you go ahead and make buy a smartphone. You need to be sure that your information is safe in case you misplace or lose your phone.

Security features include methods of unlocking the phone and other features. Some of the best phones we have today have biometric features or facial recognition to unlock the phone. A phone with top security features is always an added advantage.…

Tips on Becoming a Computer Technician

A computer technician is an important person in the tech world. If you are thinking about becoming a computer technician, then you probably have some interest in computers. Developing interest in computers is the first step towards your career.

With the growth of the internet, you don’t have to go to school on a full time basis so that you can become a technician. You just need to plan your time and organize your schedule so that you can get some time to learn the skills. Here are some tips for becoming a computer technician:

Find learning resources

It is important to find the learning resources that you will usecomputer technician doing repair as a source of information. Information is important because you need to learn the basic things about computer technology. Fortunately, the internet is full of information, and you can get e-books, Google sheets, and even YouTube tutorials.

It is possible even to book online classes and learn all you need about computer technology. The first step towards becoming a successful computer technician is to take time and invest in learning. If possible, take a few hours every day and learn something new.

Do the practical work

The work of a computer technician is all about learning the computer skills. You need to invest in the practical work of learning how the computer works. Take time and assemble a computer on your own. It might look risky and a lot of work, but it is worth the effort.

The only way you can learn how to do it is by practicing. Invest in all the tools that you might need in the working process. Having all the tools, repair parts and other things that you need will make the work easy for you.

Look for a mentor

technician doing computer repairWhen learning how to be a computer technician, it is important to look for a mentor. This is someone who can help you learn more about the field.

You need someone who will give you advice and even teach you some skills when you need them. Having a mentor might even be more helpful than joining a computer technician school.

Offer free services

Once you have started learning the basic skills, it is important to look for a place where you can offer free services. You can look for an internship and continue gaining all practical skills that you need. During your internship, you will offer free services, and you can use the opportunity to learn from the already qualified technicians.…