Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Proxy Provider

Websites have measures to prevent people browsing them from doing suspicious things , such as gathering data using bots and shopping multiple times with bots. However, as a user, you may want to protect your information and surf anonymously. You can use a proxy server as a gateway between your device and the web. You can use it to peek at competitors’ websites, find out their SEO tricks, and access secured resources. Whatever your intention for surfing in a disguised way, proxy providers help you achieve results. For example, you can get reliable captcha proxies to bypass the anti-bots used by retailers, so you shop on a website multiple times like different persons.

Below are some mistakes to avoid when choosing a proxy provider

Picking a Provider Who Relies on Limited ISPs

a proxy providerAn internet service provider (ISP) allocates your residential IP. As you browse on a website, a thread of use agent remains on the site that contains your browse, device, ISP, and IP address information.

When a proxy provider has limited ISPs, a website can identify the frequency of ISPs, and the website can flag them as blacklisters when it detects an unusual amount of activity of the same ISPs. To avoid the risk of being blocked, you need a proxy provider that offers a pool of ISPs.

Choosing a Server With Limited Locations

Using a proxy, you connect to servers at any location as it enables you to connect to various countries and access their local websites. Also, you can use the feature to gain access to geo-restricted sites that you might not find in your region. Good proxies can unblock streaming websites like Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. However, when the proxy provider is limited in location, you cannot access all such information as you have limited resources.

Choosing a Company With Unreliable Customer Support

choosing a proxy provider with poor customer supportWhen handling technical issues, you can experience some technical challenges that need intervention. Therefore, avoid contracting a proxy provider that lacks reliable customer service.

If you need urgent intervention and attention, such companies can keep you waiting for weeks as you wait for a response or assistance. You can make losses or lose clients in the process.

Not Trying Out the Proxies Before Buying

Some businesses pay for proxy servers in a hurry, not taking time to try them out, for example if they can work well with their sneaker bots. In case the server does not meet your expectation, you put your security and identity at risk. Therefore, you need to purchase proxies from reputed companies with a free trial. In this way, you can test the proxy before buying. It will also help you identify additional tools and try out if the server is compatible with them.


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